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Wednesday, 23 May, 2018

» Detail of Mooladhar Chakra                          



Mooladhar Chakra

The cycle of the vertebral column at the middle position between the anus and the penis is located in Basel. Imagine this cycle as four petalled red lotus has been. The three-coil lies here as a snake, which is the resting place of Kundalini Shakti. The circle is the symbol of the earth element. The ruling planet of energy center is the Saturn which controls signal of Capricorn and Aquarius. Unnecessary stress, true happiness, beauty, perfect health and physical strength, magnetic persona relieve results. Foundations Foundations root chakra at the center when it is mastered, it becomes a person can conquer all diseases. Anyone can do whatever he wants to find God's grace, God's love can find it in a position to do that or what is happening in the minds of others not To know what is happening and use the perineum is centered on the person everyone sees the same movement of the particular disease and the person know what to do, he's not the result of disease or hostilities, for which he is responsible, is not it depends on the will of God. Disease to be cured or not, who is naturally a spiritual person. The ability to treat it should. That person will be cured or treated very end of the work the person would be fine if it is the will of God. After that he will be fine or anything but she could not keep quiet. You can ask what you can do and you can see that suffering is her heart is too large, go deep within him. The seven chakras within us is a reflection of the entire solar system, the solar system, with those symbols of universal energy also exists within us, so we ought to see the connection between planets and cycles. Foundations cycle innocence, purity, pure, childlike joy, wisdom, sense of direction and a strong connection with the earth and life represents. Our actions in the right direction in life we ​​find and correct decision-making ability and decisiveness to get intelligence. Interplanetary if Tue planet friendly represents every kind of physical power and action. Tue planet's energy, intense natural and is never comfortable. Tue planet positive energy of our action, physical mobility can be studied. Tue planet in astrology, a person's sexual energy, the affected person to extremes Tue planet is crossed. Foundations cycle regulates the reproductive organs similar but not innocent because of its sensitivity to overcome the extremes damages. We feel our inner purity and our first cycle becomes stronger and the desire to live according to which there may be strong. Activation of this stress, true happiness, beauty, perfect health and physical strength, magnetic persona relieve results.

» Diseases

The cycle of imbalance in the intestinal and stomach diseases associated gas, constipation, tumors, abscesses, weight loss, sciatica, hemorrhoids, obesity, knee problems, kidney stones, impotence, diarrhea, colitis, impotence, hypertension, depression, Sexual reproductive organs, vagina, perineum, anus, nose, etc.


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