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Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
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I was facing A lot of problems due to Kaalsarpyog in my horoscope. After a long time I found Shri Gurumaharaaj ji,while I am also live in Lucknow. He saw my horoscope and also my family horoscope,and decide to do jaap poojan and yagya for me. When I met with that time I was very disturb in my life and business, but after doing mantras and follow all process of mahayagya. After some time I got positive things and my business would also going good. When I have done my Mahayagya with Gurumaharaaj and Guru maa that day was my best day. Now when I feel low and any type of problem I do call to him and discuss every thing. Always Gurumaharaaj and Guru maa with me. Such nice persons are in my life like a family member; really I am blessed with their blessings. Jai ho maharaja ki...
Sudheer pandey, lucknow

Jai ho maharaaj ki I am Pankaj from Solan. Guru Maharaj ji, you performed kaal sarp poojan for me last Shivratri. The results are astounding. I qualified every exam since then. Now I got a Govt. Job. It seems Rahu Maharaj ji always accompanies with me when I go to appear in any test or interview. That is due to your grace and guidance. I followed every instruction given by you while doing poojan in morning and evening. Hope in future also I will get guidance from your esteem self. Thank you Maharaaj Ji Pankaj Solan H. P. Mob. No. 09418316479
Pankaj, Solan H. P.

Dear Guru maharaaj and gurumaata ji, Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki ! This mail is to post our feedback about the distance pujan "I read about siddheshwar dhaam on the internet and contacted the ashram directly via the phone number given.Ever since I have spoken to Gurumaharaaj and Guru Maata,I have always felt reassured that all my problems have started to be taken care of.Guru Maharaaj has organised the distance pujan so effectively,that it feels as if ,we are doing the puja along with gurumaharaaj at the ashram.Both of them take a lot of care to ensure that ,at every step of the puja,we take part in it and they give very precious instructions regarding the attitude of prayer and importance of daily pujan at home.I was extremely impressed by their sincerity to help with my difficulties and to provide guidance.I highly recommend anybody who is suffering from Kaalasarp dosa to contact Siddheshwar dhaam for immediate relief from all problems", Arun U.K Arun U.K
Arun, U.K

Jai ho maharaja Ki! Sadar Charansparsh to Guru Maharaj Ji and Gurumata Ji.Today when I am beginning to express my feedback about the Mahayagaya that happened on Shivratri 2010 Februrary,I am at a complete loss of words to convey my profound gratitude and hearfelt tribute to Rahu Maharaj Ji and am expressively overwhelemed with seamless dedication towards Siddheshwar Dhaam and GuruMaharaj ji. In a nut shell,I came to Siddheshwar Dhaam along with my parents on the day of Shivratri 2010 with nothing,but faith in my heart and prayers on my lips.And ,today I am blessed with every thing and it feels like all my prayers have been answered and there is a strong divine force backing me. The materialistic gains are many to be counted upon.But the faith is invincible and continues to be a guiding factor in our lives today. My personal take on Pujas,Yagya and homas was that I am not cut out for all these things and somehow all this would never work out for me.But GuruMaharaj Ji has changed this belief and has altogether shown me a new facet of Dharma which was never known before. After taking Sankalpa, I started following all the instruction given by Gurumata very religiously. A discipline which was sacrosanct and un-compromised with faith that this will take me somewhere. And it did. Today I am much more patient, calm, composed and relaxed. Your faith in God does not give immediate solutions to your problems but it gives you the strength to tackle them. I solemnly resolve the fact that I derive this strength from Siddheshwaar Dhaam, Rahu Maharaj Ji and Guru Mata Ji. My father had a property which was disputed and we had lost hope that we will ever be able to recover it.After the Maha Yagya was over ,I still continued burning Chandan in the evening and kept offering my prayers to Maharaj ji.One fine evening I discussed this episode of dispute with Guru Mata and Guru Maharaji Ji and they told us a ritual to be performed at the site of this disputed property. My father did it in a very disciplined manner as told by them, Surprisingly we resolved the dispute within 17 days of performing the ritual in a very mystical manner and even more importantly for the readers of this feedback, I could feel the Force backing me while all this was going on. I truly felt that my prayers were answered. Another magical change happened when I could successfully change my job. In my previous job I was facing a lot of problems, depression related to non performance ,being a scope goat at the workplace est. was almost forced to resign one day and it was while I was serving my notice period in my previous job that I came across Maharaj ji through internet.I mailed him across all necessary details and then the rest of it is history and the present is very glorious and peaceful. Shived Saxena 09818461580 and the present is very glorious and peaceful. Shived Saxena 09818461580
Shived Saxena , Faridabad

!!Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki!! !!Har - Har Mahadev - Shambhoo!! Adarneeya Guru Maharaaj - Ji & Guru Mata Ji Ko meri Charan Vandana! I would like to share my feeling, thoughts & experience after the Sankalp Poojan & Mahayagya. I was suffering in many kinds of mental pressure in my family matters, office work and so on, but after having poojan & yagya I am feeling much relaxed. I would also like to say to those are suffering from this kind of problem they must check their Kundali to any specialist and if there is any such type of Dosha is found once you come to this Bhavya Mahayagya and see the out come. During the Yagya when I was Chanting this mntra "Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki - Har Har Mahadev Shambhu. " I felt that slowly - slowly I was erasing my past sin and going into new world. It is my real feeling towards the Poojan & the Yagya. !!Jai Ho Maharaj Ki!! !!Har - Har Mahadev - Shambhoo!! Your’s pupil Ajay Karan Dubey Phone. 9792633455
Ajay, Amethi

Dear Gurumaharaaj ji Jai ho maharaaj ki ! I am working in a MNC Bank as BM and having strong dispute with management and management has already served termination notice to me. I have to file case against bank. After I do the poojan I got a call for new job again on 20th I won the case against bank. Really Guruji has done a lot for me along with guru maa. Regards Pawan Mandothia 09337099745
Pawan, Orrissa

Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki , Pranam Guruji maharaaj,mata ji I am running short of words to say thanks Guru ji Maharaaj and Mata Ji for their full support & blessing ,this pooja gives me complete satisfaction & peace of mind even on distance puja .its an different experience which gives me more confidence & feeling very good. Thanks for giving me opportunity to be part of mahayagya on very special occasion of Mahashivratri 12th feb2010. Best Regards Preeti Sharma
Preeti Sharma, Bhopal

Jai ho Maharaaj ki ! Dear friends, Having a KaalSarp dosh is no doubt a consequence of one’s past karmic actions.We have no control over our past, but we do have control over our present. If you are looking for relief from a KaalSarp configuration in your horoscope then consider it a blessing that you have come across Gurumaharaaj, who is Rahu maharaaj’s Sadhak. It is a chance which destiny is providing you with to unleash yourself from the powerful grip of the KaalSarp dosh, which can cause numerous limitations in your life. Even if you are living overseas Gurumaharaaj will make sure you get full blessings of the remedy done on your behalf. He is equipped with the latest technology and can provide live transmission of the pooja. Gurumaharaaj’s completely authentic approach is hard to find anywhere else. Both Gurumaharaaj and Mataji treat everyone like their family. I feel their blessings where their phone comes. Once you get your KaalSarp dosh pooja done, your problem is never yours, they consider it their problem too and will connect you to the mighty Rahu in order to bring you break your obstacles and bring you success. Keep positive. In my whole family (myself, wife, son & daughter), younger brother, sister, father all are having Kaalsarpdosh in horoscope and due to its effect, we had faced so many problem in life. 5 years back I had done pooja at Trimbhkeswar (20 km from Nasik) for myself only. I came to know about Gurumaharaaj through Internet. I had never heard earlier about Distance Pujan, which is so much effective and which cannot be described in words, only we have to have complete faith in Rahu Maharaaj. The puja can be done anywhere from the world. I immediately contact Guru Maharaaj on his mob.no. 09335215475 and sent the information as required Name, DOB, Timing of birth Place of birth and one photograph of my complete family through mail and got reply through mail in which the procedure to take Sankalp for doing Yagya on 12th Feb’2010 was given in detail. Once introduced with Maharaaj Ji and Mata Ji...your problems will be listened, remedy can be taken. I received Rahu Yantra and Locket through post after sending very nominal charges for it. My whole family had took sankalp through distance puja (on mobile) with complete faith as per instruction and then did daily puja and felt Gurumaharaaj ji Blessing more and more every day. Our family puja for kaal sarp remedy was done on 12th Feb’2010 as per schedule at Siddheshwar Dhaam, Lohungpur, Lucknow (North India ). I got a chance to meet Maharaaj ji & Mata ji personally at Dhaam, they helped us more than our expectation, and we had a nice journey and will always remember the happy moment spent with them around 5 hours with them and took their blessings. I feel very happy after talking to both of them and thanks god for giving me this opportunity. We would like to say that my whole family had felt tremendous confidence and energy after having this puja. I have no words to express my appreciation for what Guru Maharaaj and Mata Ji had done for my family and me. All the negative impacts had been pacified and life is beautiful now. Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki ! May Rahu Maharaaj ji ki Kripa or Ashirvad always remains on my whole family as we had complete faith on him unconditional. Pujan photo is uploaded on website to see online and they will send its CD to all of them who had attended it. It is a unique experience in our life. Sabhi Bhakto ko kewal Maharaaj Ji Ka Naam Japna Chahiye, Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki ! Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki ! Jai Ho Maharaaj Ki ! Those who are suffering with above effect, please contact them immediately to get sure relief. It is an honor to share this information with you. Please feel free to contact us for more information. Pradeep Agarwal, Manager, Hindustan Zinc Limted, Vedanta Group Contact : 09001294946 (pradeepkumar.agarwal@vedanta.co.in).
Pradeep Agarwal, Pradeep Agarwal, Manager, Hindustan Zinc Limted, V

This was really unexpressable. During sankalp when Guruji and Maharajji visited my house I was able to know thier presence Like both are sitting on the flower bed and looking towards me. My problems started liquidatring after Sankalp. I am feeling relaxed . Pawan, orissa 09337099745
Pawan, orrissa

Har Har Mahadev Shambhu,Jai Ho Mansa Devi Ki,Jai Ho Dhumavati Maiya Ki,Jai Ho BatukBhairavMaharajKi,Jai Ho Rahu Maharaj Ki,Jai Ho Ketu Maharaj Ki,Jai Ho Siddheshwar Dhaam KiGuru Maharaaj aur Guru Mata Ko Mera Saadar PranamMaharaj Ji, Meri aapse bhet Mahashivratri ke samay hui thi, Aapke aashirvad se aur Maharaj Ji ki kripa se Mujhe Kaal Sarp Yog Se Mukti Mili. Jald hi mera rishta pakka hone jaa raha he. Aur Maharaj Ji Aur Mata Rani Ki kripa se Me aaj Bank me Assistant Manager ki post par hu.Jivan me samasyaye aati he to unka nidaan bhi hota he, Is vishvas ke sahare mene Sidhhesvar Dhaam me kadam rakhe aur Purn Shradhha ke saath havan me bhaag liya aur Maharaj ji ko Pranam kiya.Mujhe pura vishvas he ki Maharaj ji hamesha mere saath he, Mera acha bura jaante he, Aur Sada meri raksha karte he.Gurur Brahma gurur Vishnu gurur devo MaheswarahGurur sakshat parambrahmah tasmi sri gurave namahGuru Maharaj Ji Ke liye mere mukh se kewal yahi word nikalte he, Jinki kripa se aaj me sahi salamt hu, Aur Upar wale ki kripa mere upar heIs shabdon ke saath me ye email samapt kar raha huAur Guru Maharaj Ji & Guru Mata Ji se aashirvaad Chahta hu Thanks & Regards,Yogesh Kumar, 09845275141
Yogesh Kumar, Delhi

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