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Wednesday, 26 February, 2020
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82th Kaalsarpyog Remedy Mahayagya on Maashivratri 21st Feb 2020 Lucknow, India

Please Register Your Participation Soon through Below before 19th Feb 2020

Wish you all the best , Jai ho maharaaj ki !. Har Har Mahadev Shambhu

    A lot of blessings by Shri Shri Guru Maharaaj ji
on occasion of Nagpanchami

82th Kaalsarpyog Remedy Mahayagya on Mahashivratri 21st Feb 2020 at Shri Siddheshwar Dhaam. A (Siddh Place of Shri Rahu Maharaaj Ji, For Kaalsarpyog Remedy) , 6th Miles sitapur road, Lohungpur, Lucknow,India. You can do also your Kaalsarpyogyog dosh remedy yagya with Shri Shri Guru Maharaaj ji stay at your home. For process call +919889651220 Please contact and reserve your place as seats are limited. 

Shri Shri Guru Maharaaj ji is a medium between you and Shri Rahu Maharaaj Ji.He has been working for last 30 years for those people who have critical problems and unbalanced condition in life due to kaalsarpyog.

Those people who known about kaalsarpyog and interested to get remedy and also those people who unknown about kaalsarpyog and facing a lot of problems in their life fill the form and do personal conversation with Shri Shri Guru Maharaaj ji.+919889651220 



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If Kaalsarpyog dosh formed in your horoscope,So remove your dosh. After mahayagya you should establish Siddh Gold Plated Kaalsarpyog dosh nivaran Yantra in poojan place and worship it regularly. We will also Send you Siddh Kaalsarpyog dosh nivaranbYantra for pocket,Shri rahu yantra locket,Pair of Naag-Naagin for poojan, Kavach According to your name, Which is also effective to remove kaalsarp Dosh.

The person who have Kaalsarpyog in his horoscope. Always suffers from wealth, mental disturbance in married, life, delay in Marriage, Bad dreams and snake’s dreaming, child problem, business & job problem, sudden death, Different fears and worries never get full reward of his work, Normally the success in work is delayed, Sudden loss of money, prestige is an indication of this Kaalsarpyog. The person without any reason suffers from diseases that are not cured by medicine, The prescribed remedies of Kaalsarpyog can give relief from these problems according to horoscope.


                              . Shri Siddheshwar Dhaam  


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I was facing A lot of problems due to Kaalsarpyog in my horoscope. After a long time I found Shri Gurumaharaaj ji,while I am also live in Lucknow. He saw my horoscope and also my family horoscope,and decide to do jaap poojan and yagya for me. When I met with that time I was very disturb in my life and business, but after doing mantras and follow all process of mahayagya. After some time I got positive things and my business would also going good. When I have done my Mahayagya with Gurumaharaaj and Guru maa that day was my best day. Now when I feel low and any type of problem I do call to him and discuss every thing. Always Gurumaharaaj and Guru maa with me. Such nice persons are in my life like a family member; really I am blessed with their blessings. Jai ho maharaja ki...
Sudheer pandey , lucknow
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